In a nutshell...

Freelancing within the Pharmaceutical Industry is a very exciting option offering flexibility, valuable experience, extensive travel and possibly the most appealing aspect is the potential for higher earnings. 

Many contracts within the pharmaceutical industry involve travelling abroad to different projects, giving you the valuable experience of different techniques and treatments around the globe. However, if travelling is not what you are looking for, on some contracts it is even possible to work from home, these would normally be in Medical Writing or field based CRAs.  

There is always a balance though as Freelancers or contractors are responsible for such things as their own tax obligations, insurances,running office costs etc. which must all be considered when considering this as a career option.

There are different options available when deciding to freelance.  You will need to make some important decisions as to how you are going to operate.  Included in your options and possibly the most popular is working under an umbrella company or starting your own company.  If contracting/freelancing is an option YOU have been considering Prime Pharma's experienced consultants will be able to help you with these decisions and will be able to advise you and together find the best solution for your needs.

Why not contact us and one of our team will give you sound advice on being a freelancer in your respective country/location. 


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